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Regulated by the Department of Commerce and Insurance, APPS’ Online Unarmed Guard Training will prepare you for an exciting career within the security industry. Whether you are pursuing a career as a static guard or wish to work your way to executive security specialist, everyone must begin somewhere. APPS’ Online Unarmed Guard course far exceeds the state requirements and is specifically designed to prepare you for a wide range of roles within the security industry. The online platform is very simple to use and provides a solution for training opportunities outside of our scheduled in-person classes, aimed at accommodating the various availabilities of the students. Students are now able to take more control of their training by selecting a time and atmosphere best conducive for their learning style, as well as giving control of the speed information is presented. This will facilitate a better transfer of information, eliminating the stress of limited attendance options and time restrictions. The Online course will provide a solid foundation to build your career in the security industry. The APPS Academy is highly regarded as one of the most professional and comprehensive Security Officer schools in Tennessee.  


Emails will be sent upon purchase to access to the online class.  

Training Requirements:
All students must complete a four-hour course which includes:

  • Orientation

  • Legal powers and limitations of a security guard/officer

  • Emergency procedures

  • General duties

  • A written examination covering these subjects


COST: $70

DURATION: 4 hours


  • Reliable Internet Connection

  • Computer / Smart Phone


Renewals: Unarmed Guards/Officers renew registration every two (2) years.  


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