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This course will focus on the defensive use of handguns. Whether you are a civilian looking to carry a handgun for self-defense, or law enforcement/military looking to improve your odds of surviving a lethal force encounter, the advanced curriculum in Defensive Pistol is designed to push the understanding and implementation of firearms in defensive scenarios. Moving well beyond the basics, our experienced instructors will explore dynamic environment considerations, movement, unconventional shooting positions, multiple target engagements as well as low percentage engagements. Firearm manipulations will be conducted extensively from the holster with an emphasis in reloading efficiency and malfunction negotiations.

This advanced course is focused on preparing students for using a handgun defensively, providing a solid roadmap of what to practice and how to improve and maintain proficiency. This is not a level 1 course; students are required to exercise safe firearm handling and be familiar with loading/unloading their firearms, as well as have a firm grasp on shooting fundamentals.



  • Firearm malfunctions

  • Various reloads

  • Single handed shooting

  • Working from the holster

  • Battle space environment considerations

  • Intro to movement, non-ideal shooting positions, multiple target engagements as well as low percentage engagements

COST: $150.00

DURATION: 4 hours

Class Begins: 9:15AM

*Range requires 4 student minimum to host class, dates subject to reschedule based on class attendance*

Prerequisite: Handgun Carry Permit or Handgun 1, Solid grasp on firearm safety and handling


  • Reliable Firearm  (Centerfire only, no rimfire handguns; firearms available for rent)

  • 2 Magazines (Minimum)

  • Outside/Inside the Waistband Holster

  • Rugged Belt

  • Spare Magazine Holder

  • Eye and Ear Protection

  • Rugged/Comfortable Clothes and Shoes

  • 250 rounds of practice ammunition  (available for purchase if needed)

  • Clean your gun in advance of the course or bring your gun cleaning kit with you 

  • Notebook and pen


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