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“We just wanted to tell you thank you for offering and teaching the Carry Permit Class yesterday! It was very informative and clear to follow and learn. You rocked it!”

- Connie and Forrest


“From the time I stepped into the office until the time I left the range, everything was professional. I've been in Law Enforcement for 44 years, and still learned several things to make me a better officer.”

- Richard Mckee

"This week I had the pleasure of taking part in one of the most intriguing, informational classes I ever have. I was a part of the Unarmed Security class at APPS and I couldn't be more glad that I was. I had the pleasure of taking it some years ago when it was taught by the late and great Mr. Tune. Sadly I didn't find that experience nearly as beneficial as my most recent one. I am so glad I had the chance to give APPS another visit. This is the one and only School I would recommend for anyone that wants to be taught CORRECTLY how to do the job. Blaise and the whole staff made me feel welcomed, kept in the loop, and like I was getting information that would allow me to excel at my security officer role and potentially save lives one day."


- Donovan D. Rice

"I just took the shooting class today, and even though I shot worse than I ever have in my life, the class was excellent. Blaise did a really good job. He was very interactive and informational with all the topics he covered. He increased the challenge for us all to raise the bar on our shooting abilities. Obviously, you made an excellent choice by bring him on-board. Looking forward to future classes."


- Rob Patterson

"Thank you both so much for such a great time and treating me so nicely. The class was so full of energy the time just flew by. Yes I scored 100 on both targets, but your way of doing things really made me earn it this time. I loved the challenge, considering I walked in the room expecting the same old same old. I am interested to find out what additional trading you offer!"

- Jerry Genovese

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