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We offer Ink and Paper fingerprinting.   

Fee: $35.00 for up to 3 cards, $5.00 for each additional card.  

We accept all major credit and debit cards or cash, no personal checks.  

You will need a photo I.D.  

Please call 615-360-6002  to schedule your appointment.  


Academy of Personal Protection and Security offers complete ink fingerprinting services designed to provide authorized businesses and governmental agencies with the capability to obtain fingerprint-based criminal history checks for job applicants and licensees. A.P.P.S. services are designed to provide customers with fast, simple, convenient, and professional fingerprinting experience. The Ink Fingerprinting can be mobile and come to your location as well. Call A.P.P.S. for cost and information. 


​Ink Finger Print Cards (up three cards per person)…......$35.00 
For each Additional card over the original three............$5.00 





We can help in submitting your Unarmed or Armed Guard information to the State for your guard card. If you experience any technological barriers, please allow us to assist you in applying for your guard registration with the state.  

Appointment required. 

Fee: $25 


New applicants must have their fingerprints done prior to your APPS appointment. 

Your photo can be taken on site at the time of your APPS appointment. 

A Credit or debit card is required to complete the submission process. 


Current state fees: 

New Armed Guard: $105 

Armed Renewal: $60 

New Unarmed Guard: $70 

Unarmed Renewal: $50 





All firearm transfers into A.P.P.S. must come from an FFL. 

If you have a firearm sent to us (not from an FFL), and you are not approved from your background check, we have no way of returning the firearm.   

All guns transferred in to A.P.P.S. have a 48-72 hour processing time from when it arrives. Please wait for a phone call from our staff to let you know it is ready for pickup. Please do not just show up when your tracking number says it has been delivered.  

***If you have had a firearm shipped to A.P.P.S. and you were denied, you have 30 days to remedy the problem. After 30 days, the firearm becomes the property of A.P.P.S.*** 


Please contact to request a FFL for any incoming transfers. 





FFL Transfer In: $35 

TICS: $10 

Shipping out:  

Handgun: $75 

Long gun: $100+ 


For all FFL transfers, you must provide the FFL info for the shop you are shipping to. 




Everyone purchasing a firearm or receiving a firearm transfer will have a TICS background check. 

These checks are $10.00 and non-refundable even if you are delayed or denied. There are no exceptions to these background checks. 

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