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We are educators, providing the training to develop the necessary skills to become more alert, capable, and prepared citizens for whatever danger comes your way. Not only are we proud to be the first full time private state certified handgun training academy for civilians in Tennessee, we continue to provide professional training courses designed for civilians, private security officers, and specifically tailored courses for members of our law enforcement community.


"We believe people make the difference. With every student, we strive to push the limits of understanding; emphasizing how to think over what to think. Educate, train, and reinforce the person."



  • State certifications for unarmed and armed security officers

  • LEOSA H.R.218 (Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act)

  • State certified enhanced handgun-carry permits

  • Relator mindset safety courses 

  • Less than lethal device classes (Baton, TASER, Chemical Spray)

  • Beginner and advanced pistol and rifle courses

  • Active threat training for corporations

  • CPR / Stop the bleed

  • Site security threat assessments

Our training includes:




Lead Instructor / Director of Operations

Blaise began his career in the military’s special operations command, serving in the 1/75 Ranger Regiment with multiple combat deployments. After leaving the military he transitioned into the private sector of high threat executive security, working as a private contractor for the department of defense, the department of state, and various private corporations. After a decade of service to the government in multiple combat theaters, Blaise moved back to Nashville, TN. He earned two Bachelor degrees from Belmont and gave back to the community through various programs including the Big Brother program. After college, Blaise entered the private security industry state side working for a variety of companies conducting executive protection, site security assessments, and training. Blaise has become a leader in the training industry and currently sits on the Private Protective Services Committee with the Department of Commerce. Blaise is now the director of training and academic affairs for the Academy of Personal Protection and Security.



Lead Sales / Instructor

Originally from St Petersburg, Florida, Brandy began apprenticing in a gun shop at an early age. Brandy's knowledge in the firearm industry is a balance of education, precision, and experience. Over a distinguished and extensive career, she has become an NRA certified pistol instructor, range safety officer, instructor of “Refuse to be a Victim”, NRA State handgun instructor, USCCA concealed carry and home defense instructor, and a Glock certified armorer. Brandy has trained both new and seasoned shooters and developed a variety of industry leading course curriculums. Brandy is now lead of the sales department and assistant instructor for the Academy of Personal Protection and Security.



Assistant to the Instructor

Eron Johnsey, a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, started training in 2008 and moved to Nashville from West Tennessee specifically to teach and train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2013. From that point on, he has been dedicated to the growth of Jiu Jitsu in middle TN because he believes in the empowerment it can give an individual. He has instructed classes for kids, women, and  serves all tiers of adult skill levels. Eron has educated thousands of individuals on how to properly defend themselves using Jiu Jitsu. While traveling the world competing and coaching, he has had the chance to form positive relationships with many people from all walks of life and is excited to bring his positivity as the newest trainer at APPS. With 10 years experience in protective services he has had the opportunity to work with countless music venues, private event spaces, and executive personal protection.  

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President, APPS

 Leann Woods, President of the Academy of Personal Protection & Security (APPS), was born and raised in Nashville, TN. She learned at a very young age the value of hard work and dedication in which she applies these values to her daily life. Leann is a proud member of the “Women Business Enterprise” (WBE) and believes that with diligence and commitment, you can achieve anything. Being married to a retired police officer, she realizes the importance of safety and security, along with the significance of proper training.  Hence why she is so passionate about providing a comfortable place, where anyone can come and feel confident, they will receive first class training in all areas related to security, personal safety, and protection.

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