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Whether you are a first-time shooter wanting to become more comfortable before heading to a live range, or an experienced shooter looking to hone your fundamentals using our numerous skills-based programs, our state-of-the-art virtual simulator has what you need.  

Ammo is expensive and heavy, but that doesn’t change our desire to get on the range and continue shooting, training, and competing. Our custom Competition courses, skills trainers, and entertainment shoots utilize our Virtual Simulator, making rage time more affordable than it has ever been.

The virtual simulator training room can comfortably hold 2 - 4 shooters and has a variety of programs to support all your shooting needs. The various functions include: 

  • Skills based training to work on fundamentals 

  • Simulated indoor range 

  • Marksmanship drills 

  • Speed challenges  

  • Many more 

  • Competition modules designed for new or veteran competition shooters 

  • IPSC / IDPA 

  • Arcade for those looking to blow off steam or a unique family day out 

  • Fun games for kids as well as adults 

COST: $25

DURATION: 30 minutes


  • Solid belt to accommodate our paddle holster


V-Sim Packages - Judgment Training Software/Reality Based Training 

Contact Instructor for pricing Info


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