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Stay alert, stay alive: defensive measures and decisions for your lifestyle 

Showing properties and helping families find their dream homes is an amazing and rewarding career. Ensuring that you are safe when showing properties is often an overlooked aspect. Having the knowledge, training, and confidence to prepare for and confront the hidden dangers will provide not only peace of mind, but security for you and your company.

Short training videos may be expedient.  But when you are showing a house alone, how safe do you feel? The life of a real estate agent is fast paced. Join the experienced instructors at APPS for training tailored to your needs. Through this interactive and hands on course, you will learn danger prevention, applied situational awareness, self-defense maneuvers both armed and unarmed, and how to handle emergency situations. Do not be a victim!  With APPS, you will earn the confidence to be your own first line of defense.

COST: $100

DURATION: 4 hour​s


  • Comfortable clothing

  • Note taking material 

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