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Note: If an individual maintains an armed guard registration it is not necessary to also be registered as an "unarmed" guard.  


Requirements For Security Guard Registration 

Be at least 18 years of age for registration as an unarmed security guard.  
Be at least 21 years of age for registration as an armed security guard.  
Be a citizen of the United States or a resident alien.  
If you are NOT a US Citizen or resident alien your application will be denied. Resident Alien applicants must provide documentation of their citizenship status.  
Not have been declared by any court of competent jurisdiction incompetent by reason of mental defect or disease unless a court of competent jurisdiction has since declared the applicant competent;  
If convicted in any jurisdiction of any of the crimes listed in this subdivision (4), have completed serving sentence or court ordered probation at least five (5) years prior to application.  

Conviction of the following crimes shall disqualify an applicant, subject to the conditions stated in this section:  


(A) Any felony; or  
(B) Any misdemeanor involving:  
     (i) Shooting a firearm or other weapon;  
     (ii) Shoplifting;  
     (iii) Assault and battery or other act of violence against persons or property;  
     (iv) Crimes involving the sale, manufacture or distribution of controlled substances, controlled substance analogues, drugs or narcotics;  
     (v) Theft of property; or  
     (vi) Theft of services;  

Not be suffering from habitual drunkenness or narcotics addiction or dependence;  
Not have any disability that, in the opinion of the commissioner, prevents the applicant from performing the duties of a security guard/officer; and  
Be of good moral character.  
Must meet the training requirements. 





Click Link to register for the Unarmed or Armed Security Guard Certification Training Course. 





Whether you are a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident Alien, you will be required to provide proof of  U.S. Citizenship which can be any of these items: Tennessee Driver’s License or ID card issued by Tennessee, Social Security Card, U.S. Passport or U.S. Passport Card, Certification of report of birth abroad issued by the Department of State, original or certified copy of birth certificate  or any respective documentation. As an Authorized Alien, you will be required to present two (2) forms of identity certification and status of immigration, per the U.S. Department of Homeland Security..   


Criminal Records per Tenn. Code Ann. § 62-35-116(a)(1) requires all applicants to provide a list of all convictions and pending charges of a felony or a misdemeanor in any jurisdiction.   


You will be required to present all final settlements of the matter for any Court disposition judgments on all charges and/or arrests. Additionally, you will be required to provide written explanation with regards to the final court disposition(s) and/or judgment(s) to be accompanied with the application, including dismissed, suspended or deferred sentences.   


You will be required to provide a letter on company letterhead from the residing judge or court clerk stating the disposition of all charges.    


Understand that you must be completely transparent with your answers on your application. Failure to list all arrests and/or charges can result in your application being denied. Should you have any questions regarding how you should answer a question, please feel free to ask and we will assist to the best of our capabilities.  


You must confirm an expungement prior to completing your application for registration. Should you fail to report any charges or arrests, regardless of your belief it has been expunged, those actions may result in your application being denied.  


Military Background:  If you have an Honorable discharge, please provide a copy of your DD214. Any discharge beyond an Honorable discharge, will require a statement of reasoning for the discharge. 





Steps of Confirmation for all APPS Training courses:  

  1. You will receive a confirmation email after online purchase.  

    1. Provided in the confirmation email is the course Time, Date, Course details, and Student Information paperwork required to be completed prior to class. 

  2. Required to bring to class: your government issued photo identification, and any class paperwork not previously returned to APPS.  

  3. Finally: Training Certificates are emailed, to your provided email, once you have passed all qualifying factors for the Armed & Unarmed Security Guard training course.  





Fastest way to submit your fingerprint submission to the Agency: Commerce and Insurance is through electronic fingerprinting.  

A suggested provider: Identigo, 1-855-226-2937 or please see the easily provided link: 

           Identogo is the exclusive provider, rather than a suggested provider. If that matters.  

Helpful Tip:  

There is a required processing fee with each provider. 

The receipt from the purchase of fingerprinting must be scanned in the “Additional Documents” link of your profile. 

Proof of purchase for all courses, fingerprints etc. are suggested to keep in your personal records.  

Agency Name: Commerce and Insurance  
Applicant Types: Armed Guard / Unarmed Guard



Required in “PDF” Format.  Please submit your scanned documents to upload your electronic profile. 

*Valid State Photo ID, *Passport “size” Photo, *All Trainer’s Certification’s, *Electronic Fingerprinting “proof of purchase” (receipt). If Applicable:* Military: DD-214, *Criminal Records. 




 Steps for Submission:  

  1. Log onto to create your profile.  

    1. If profile has been created by an employer, sign in with your User Name /Password. Suggestion: Create your own password as this is your personal account. 

  2. Required in “PDF” Format.  Please submit your scanned documents to upload your electronic profile. 

    1. *Valid State Photo ID, *Passport “size” Photo, *All Trainer’s Certification’s, *Electronic Fingerprinting “proof of purchase” (receipt). If Applicable:* Military: DD-214, *Criminal Records.  

  3. Note: State Photo ID is uploaded under the section “Additional Documents” (Page 2) 

  4. Board Selection: Private Protective Services  

  5. Application Applied For: Initial Unarmed/ Initial Armed Guard Registration  





Unarmed Guards - Upon successful completion of the Unarmed Guard Course, the student is allowed to work with proper receipt of their purchase from the Department of Commerce and Insurance for a period of seventy-five (75) business days from the date their application was completed online and their application fee is received by the Commissioner, pending the approval or denial of the registration card by the Commissioner.   

Armed Guards - The student will only be allowed to work as an Armed Guard once they have physically received their registration card via mail, but will be allowed to work as an Unarmed Guard per the above statement. 




Department of Commerce and Insurance  

For renewals  

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