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After taking the Handgun Carry Class, we suggest you attend our EDC course designed to further build upon the knowledge gained in the Handgun Carry Class. In the APPS EDC course, our knowledgeable instructors will specifically train students to carry a firearm throughout everyday life. This theory-based class is designed around student participation to target individual needs and is a specifically tailored and purpose driven lifestyle class, not just a shooting course. Each student’s needs are unique; our goal is to adapt the information we provide to address each of your individual lifestyle needs. Working together, APPS instructors will lead you through our philosophy on survival, discuss what dangers you may face, introduce heightened situational awareness, explore what items you may want to carry every day along with how to implement these items for your life’s needs. Additionally, there will be an introduction to basic first responder, working your firearm from concealment (defeating the garment) and learning how defensive shooting is a strategy of angles.  


COST: $125

DURATION: 4 hours

Prerequisite: Handgun Carry Permit, Solid grasp on firearm safety and handling


  • Reliable Firearm  (Centerfire only, no rimfire handguns; firearms available for rent) 

  • 2 Magazines (Minimum)

  • Inside/Outside the Waistband Holster  w/concealment garment

  • Rugged Belt

  • Spare Magazine Holder

  • Eye and Ear Protection

  • Rugged/Comfortable Clothes and Shoes

  • 100 rounds of practice ammunition  (available for purchase if needed)

  • Please clean your gun in advance of the course or bring your gun cleaning kit with you

  • Notebook and pen

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